FAQ for Transfers

What type of vehicles (cars) are used for transfers?

For all transfers use cars, minibuses and buses depending on the type of transfer. All vehicles are air-conditioned.

Also, they meet all safety requirements.

When the individual passenger or group of passengers do not need to share the car with someone else. Once you arrive at the airport you will not have to wait for other passengers. The driver will be waiting with a plaque with your name and then transport you to the address you provided. Any additional services mentioned in the confirmation receive when you order service.

What is a "VIP transfer"?

VIP shuttle transport where passengers will need to share the car with another, and the car is Mercedes E 200 or pdoben. After arriving at the airport you will not have to wait for other passengers. English-speaking driver will be waiting with a sign with your name and then transport you to the address you provided. All additional services are listed in the confirmation you receive when ordering service.

Prices per person or vehicle are?

The prices are for a vehicle with a specified number of passengers.

What is the working time?

We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year - including holidays.

How to make a reservation?

Make a reservation online using the form on the left of the site.

When can I make a reservation?

As soon as you have information about flights or hotel accommodation.

Can I pay by credit card?

Sure you can pay with debit and credit cards VISA, Master Card and American Express as this will not charge you extra.

What currency do you prefer?

We prefer payment in BGN. (So ​​it does not lose money on the exchange), but we will accept euros, sterling and US dollars.

What happens if my flight is delayed?

Track your flight on the Internet and from our airports, so that we are aware if you arrive late. Whether one hour or 6 hours late, we will chauffeur you to the airport.

Is there a surcharge if my flight is delayed?

There, in contrast to some companies.

Our pricing is very competitive. The proposed price is the price you pay, no hidden charges for luggage, tolls, fuel!

How can I find a driver?

Our driver will meet you at the location you specified: address, hotel, airport terminal with a sign with your name. If you can not see it, contact us 24 hours Hotline: +359877 01 10 18 and will assist you immediately.

Can I get a receipt?

Of course, an invoice.

What is the duration of the journey from Sofia Airport to Sofia?

Usually 30 minutes to the city center during peak hours when the road conditions are complicated, these periods may vary. For other cities and resorts do not hesitate to ask us.

I have a lot of luggage, wheel, pet, will have a place?

If you travel by bike or a lot of luggage, please let us know in advance or fill in this reservation.

Do you offer other types of transfers, except transfers to and from the airport?

Yes of course, we travel to cities and resorts in Bulgaria and abroad, if your destination is not included in transfers from Sofia Povdiv, Burgas, Varna, Bansko and others, please contact us or send us an inquiry.

What time will take me if I ordered "two-way transfer"? How will I know what is the time for departure?

You should inform us about the time you departure when booking return transfer. The driver will arrive at the hotel / apartment 10-15 minutes earlier.

What do you mean by "support for baggage"?

The driver will help you with your luggage when carry and accommodate your vehicle and the car to the hotel entrance upon arrival, and from the car to the terminal when leaving.

Can I cancel my reservation? Is it free?

Cancellations can be made 24 hours prior to time of arrival, free. Read Terms & Conditions for transfer to Bulgaria.

If you have been useful please share it with our future clients as posts and comments you leave on the Write review page.

If you have not found the necessary information regarding our Transfers to / from the airport and cities in Bulgaria do not hesitate to contact us.

Car rental FAQ

How to book a rental car?

You can request a rental car at any of the centers of the MATO by phone, e-mail or by using the reservation formwww.mato.bg

Where can I get / return car hire?

Free office of MATO, or at the offices of our partners. More information can be found at +359877 01 10 18.

What to expect from us in obtaining a rental car?

Well serviced and equipped according to the season car.

Bilateral protocol signed, full tank and documents / registration card, insurance policy "liability" to pay sticker vignette, Annual Technical Review and "Emergency Kit".

What we will require from you in hiring a car?
  • Valid driver's license.
  • Aged 21 years, under age compulsory insurance disclaimer.
  • Paid deposit.
What is "earnest money deposit"?

Security deposit is required. It covers a refusal by the customer to load the tank and damage not covered by the insurance / damage in the interior, the tires and rims, lower the car as a result of improper driving /. Also an unforeseen extension of rent, additional amount due shall be deducted from the deposit.

What we require from you upon return of the vehicle?
  • Well maintained during operation of vehicle.
  • Full tank.
  • Complete set of documents and equipment.

Washed inside and outside car. (If the car is not washed, the charge for a car wash at 10 Euro).

Who maintains the vehicle during operation?

Maintenance and current repairs depicted are at our expense, the cost of fuel and washer fluid - for your.

Repair costs for improper or incorrect use management of you are on your own.

What to do when accidents occurred.

Immediately contact the Traffic Police - phone 165 or tel.112, and request relevant documents / minutes of the Traffic Police / to be submitted to the insurance company. Immediately notify the employee of the "MATO" Ltd for the ensuing damage and accurately describe the event your condition and the condition of the car to determine the next action / medical care, auto assistance, transportation vehicle and its occupants, the closest repair shop and others. / When the incident was not the fault of the driver / document under the CAT / not pay anything. Lay your replacement vehicle within 24 hours for Bulgaria and 6:00 on the territory of Sofia. When the accident is the fault of the driver does not make a car and pay at least 40 euro administrative costs of filing and repaired the damage. In more serious damage amount can reach the size of the entire deposit referred to in tariff "MATO" LTD. When using drugs, alcohol or other drugs, including drugs where prohibited driving, repair the car is fully charged to the tenant - not applicable none of insurance. Deducted entire deposit and be charged a fine for lost profits and damages.

Additional services and options

1. Providing - collection services
- Up to 200 km - 60 Euro
- Over 200 km - 110 Euro

2. Airport surcharge:

- To transmit or receive a car at the airport - 15 Euro

- Transmission and reception of a car at the airport - 25 Euro

3. Petrol tank - liters 1.7 Euro

4. Navigation System - 6 Euro / day (maximum of 60 Euro per bike)

5. Trunk - 5 Euro / day (maximum of 50 Euro per bike)

6. Baby chair - 3.60 Euro / day (maximum of 36 Euro per bike)

7. Snow chains - 3 Euro / day (maximum of 30 Euro per bike)

8. Boot - Ski - 2 Euro / day (maximum of 20 Euro per bike)

9. Attorney for going abroad - 40 Euro